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Currently, the market of watch cases, watch winder boxes,… are becoming very competitive (especially poor quality boxes) due to increasing customer demand. This is a great influence on our brand WRIST. With our commitment to protecting the interests of consumers, we are determined to offer differentiated signals to help consumers avoid buying counterfeit, inferior goods.
The WRIST watch box is usually made from hardwood that has been treated to prevent warping and termites. Outside of the box is lacquer 4 layers with special technology with durability over time.
Inside of the box is usually covered with leather or velvet depending on the box and the box features.

Box size is in accordance with international standards (designed based on the standards of housing size, department, living facilities in the home, office, …). This is a special factor that few companies in the world can achieve.

All other arts of the WRIST Watch Box are standardized to make it convenient and easy to use…

On the body of the WRIST watch box is a bronze WRIST Logo (attached to a 2-years international warranty starting March 15, 2017). This is one of the signs to help customers easily identify genuine WRIST products.
The WRIST Group is currently providing the following standards samples with a variety of sizes and colors:


These are models designed in the form of boxes to display and preserve the watch. Boxes are usually made of wood and coated with paint or lacquer. The inside is wrapped in velveteen plush felts.

India Wrist Watch Box Watch Case
India Wrist Watch Box Watch Case


Elegant & safe design. These are quite new models on the market today. Customers can easily watch inside rotating watches while displaying in the living room or bedroom.

Wrist watch winder box 2, 2+3
Wrist watch winder cabinets
Wrist watch winder boxes


For Customers who own a lot of expensive watches, this model is especially important. With intelligent locking function, we can be assured completely about the watches displayed inside.

India Wrist Safety Watch Winder and Jewelry Box
India Wrist Safety Watch Box and Wrist Safety Jewelry Boxes

Please contact our Distributors in your country, they will advise you and suggest you choose the most suitable products.