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The jewelry box market targeted by WRIST is the premium segment. These are very special products are usually made from wood has been treated with anti-termite, warping, … and laminated with multi-layer lacquer. Inside the luxurious velvet felt from famous hands in India.
The WRIST jewelry box not only keeps customers safe for their precious jewelry, but also limits the phenomenon of jewelry due to the weather. With the harmonious arrangement of the inside bulkheads are very handy when displaying jewelry.

On the body of the WRIST jewelry case is a bronze WRIST Logo (attached to a 2-years international warranty starting March 15, 2017). This is one of the signs to help customers easily identify genuine WRIST products.
Some pictures of WRIST jewelry boxes that are popular with many of the world’s customers following:

India Wrist Jewelry Box - Wrist Jewelery Case
India Wrist Jewelry Box - Wrist Jewelery Case
India Wrist Safety Watch Box and Wrist Safety Jewelry Boxes
India Wrist Safety Watch Winder and Jewelry Box

Please contact our Distributors in your country, they will advise you and suggest you choose the most suitable products.