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With our great responsibility and responsibility, the WRIST Group are committed to protecting the interests of our beloved consumers: our commitment to product quality, Satisfied when using the best products.

As committed to our quality and service, WRIST always has the most appropriate warranty policies through the selection of qualified distributors and agents around the world.

Warranty information for WRIST’s products
This is the latest warranty information for the international standard about warranty service of the WRIST Group. For each product purchased customers are fully equipped with accessories and one international standard warranty card (including: Wrist information, Wrist’s stamp, QR code, code: CF 2733/H1222-12, warranty code at Wrist, warranty information of distributor and distributor’s stamp)

The latest warranty information from March 15, 2017, each product brand WRIST is guaranteed 2 years from the date of sale from the distributor. Therefore, we would like to ask you to buy products of WRIST Group, if you have any wrong message, please send email to: info@indiawrist.com. We will have specific solutions to protect the interests of consumers.